• Beloved as an Annual, many are surprised to learn that it can flourish as a houseplant year-long as well!
  • Also known as a “Wandering Jew” or “Wandering Dude”
  • Loves bright, indirect light. The greater the light level, the more pronounced its markings become. Avoid direct light, as this can scorch/burn the leaves and harm the plant.
  • Loves moisture! Try to keep the soil slightly moist, but not wet. Think of the level of moisture in a wrung-out sponge. Water deeply when the top inch of the soil is dry, and allow any excess water to drain away.
  • Also loves humidity! Regular misting/spritzing will help to keep your plant happy, and it also makes for a great bathroom plant.
  • Prone to becoming “leggy” (too much stem and not enough leaf), pinch off bits of stem at joints, or at new growth to help encourage fullness. Of course, it’s “legginess” helps it to become a great plant for hanging baskets
  • An enthusiastic propagator, if you find that the pot isn’t as full as you’d like, simply place said stem back into the pot (or in a new pot) after pinching/cutting. So long as the soil is kept moist, there is a very, very good chance that the cutting will take root and grow. No rooting hormone required!

(As an aside, the Tradescantia’s common moniker as a “wanderer” is no joke! It has been known to infiltrate and make homes among other, unrelated houseplants. In our greenhouse, we’ve found Tradescantia randomly growing in among Asparagus ferns!)

Tradescantia wandered in to a Fern

Wait, you’re not supposed to be in there!