How are you packing items now that it’s getting colder out?

This is our first year shipping product at all, so we’re constantly working and re-working how we pack up plants for shipping. Currently, we use insulated box liners, insulated bubble wrap, shipping warmers and have started using those hot/cold bags (like the kind you’d see in Grocery Stores) to keep plants happy while they’re being shipped. It’s all of this extra padding and product which has caused us to have to increase our shipping costs for the winter as of November 2nd 2020.

Do you sell/ship to the United States?

Currently we’re only able to sell within Canada, but you can bet that soon as we’re able to sell cross-border, we’ll be updating all of our information and posting the good news on our Social Media pages.

What’s the difference between delivery and shipping?

Shipping is for items which we send via a shipping platform or courier system. We pack up the items for each order, but it is the courier/shippers which get the package from us to you. Shipping is currently at a flat rate, Canada-wide.

Delivery is for items (usually bulk, or heavy/awkward items) which aren’t suitable for shipping. We are the ones who deliver said product directly to customers, and we use our own trucks to do so. Delivery costs vary, and are automatically calculated based on the distance between our location, and where we are to deliver said product.

Can I have my order delivered at a specific time?

Deliveries are performed by our drivers in a specific order, to make it as efficient as possible for them. As a result, we cannot guarantee that a delivery will happen before or during a specific time. We will do our best to honour requests, but can only guarantee that the delivery will go out before 5pm EST the day the delivery is scheduled.

Where can I get my bulk product delivered/dumped?

So long as where you’d like your product delivered is easily accessible by our large trucks, we’ll do our best to deliver where directed. The only hard rule being that we cannot dump bulk items on town/city/public property. If you’d like bulk product dumped in a particular spot, please be sure to mention this in the Order Notes during checkout.

I’d like to use Plantrunz to have my plant transported to me! How can we make that happen?

Plantrunz is the perfect service for folks who live in the Greater Toronto area, as they pick up orders from various greenhouses and nurseries, and then delivery the plants directly! To use Plantrunz, you can place an order with us, and for shipping, leave it on the free pickup option (it’s selected by default). Then, in the order notes, explain that PlantRunz will be the ones to pick up your order. Once the order is finished, contact Plantrunz and set up payment with them. You can learn more about their services, and delivery costs via this link.

When do you ship orders?

We ship orders every Monday and Tuesday. Only orders which had been placed by Friday will be eligible to be shipped the following Monday or Tuesday. This means that if you place an order on Saturday, it will not be guaranteed to ship until the Monday/Tuesday after next.

Originally, we had intended to ship only on Mondays, however sometimes the Shipping Companies can only pick up the following day, and other times we might have too many packages to send in just one day, so we’ve had to add Tuesday as a shipping day as well.

(If possible, we will try to include orders that were made on Saturday and Sunday for the Monday/Tuesday shipments, however this really depends on time/availability, and so cannot be guaranteed.)

I’d like to add more items to my paid order. Can I avoid another shipping charge?

As of 08/08/2020, we are only going to accept order changes/additions so long as the requests are made the same day as the order. To do so, just make a new order and choose in-store pickup, and in the order notes, mention your other order number. Please note that if it’s been a day or more since the order was placed, you will need to pay for shipping again.

Who do you use for shipping?

We use ShipTime to find the best shipping rates from local shipping companies, then we go with whichever one is the most cost-effective. We have also started using Canada Post as well.

Can I choose a specific shipping/delivery company to ship my order?

Absolutely, so long as said shipping company is available. The same can be said for upgrading shipping to a quicker shipping time (next day/overnight/express..etc). Please keep in mind that if the shipping cost for said company/speed is greater than what we charge for flat-rate shipping, we would need you to pay any extra cost. If this is something you’d be interested in, please email us at or before, or after you place your order.

If you’re looking to have a specific third-party company pick up your order, please choose the “free pickup/Plantrunz/Pre-existing order” option during checkout and mention in the Order Notes who will be picking up your order, and we’ll make sure that it’s ready for them when they arrive.

How long does it take for shipping?

This depends on the time of month/year, the shipping company, and where the package is being sent, but we’ve found that most orders in Ontario tend to have 1-day shipping, whereas other provinces will see times of 3-8 business days. If you need something shipped quicker, or want to upgrade the shipping to try and receive it by a certain date, please let us know so we can see what might be possible.

I accidentally put the wrong shipping address down! What can I do?

Email us as soon as possible ( If the order hasn’t been shipped, we can correct it before we buy the shipping label. If the order has already shipped, please also let us know, but please note that we may not be able to switch the address information (we will still try, though!).

My package/plants were damaged while they were shipped! What can be done?

We do our best to make sure that plants are packaged securely, and clearly label boxes as containing live plants, we can’t control what happens once a box leaves our store, and is in the hands of the Shippers.  That being said, if something does happen to your order and plants have been actively damaged, please take pictures soon as the order arrives, as well as how the plants look in and out of their box, and then email them to us to let us know!

Please note that since we do ship plants in soil/in pots. As a result, sometimes soil will become loose and end up in the box itself. So long as the plants are fine, then there isn’t any concern and we would not refund/compensate for spilled soil.

Do you ship bare-root?

Nope! We ship plants rooted in soil/in pots.

I received the wrong plant/I’m missing a plant!

Sometimes when we’ve run out of a plant in a specific size, we might substitute for a larger size (at no cost), or a smaller one (with a refund for the difference), however we do try to clear any plant-for-plant substitutions via email. If you receive the wrong plant by mistake, and we didn’t ask you if you’d prefer something else, let us know so we can either ship a replacement, or issue a refund.

If a plant or item is missing entirely from your order, please contact us right away! As of 08/13 we’re changing how we pick/pack items for shipment, so that if we can’t find an item which was ordered, we will be contacting customers to let them know, and see what they want to do before the order is shipped. We’re also setting up a system to double-check all orders before they go out to reduce the chance that anything is missed.

That being said, if anything is missed by mistake, let us know so that we can make it right, either by shipping a replacement, getting a substitution shipped, adding items to your next order, or refunding/crediting.

I’m getting messages saying there are no shipping options for my location! What gives?

This error will crop up for a number of reasons, usually relating to an item in your cart:

  • There is an item that is so bulky, heavy, or ungainly that shipping isn’t really a viable option, so it would be for local pick-up, or bulk delivery only
  • An item was marked as not being eligible for shipping when it shouldn’t have been
  • There is an error that needs be investigated

If you receive an error like that, please write us at and include a list of the items you were trying to purchase. We can then go through the list and check for any wonky settings or errors, or identify an item which cannot be shipped, and why. Thanks!