• Weekly Sale

    Weekly Sale

    It's officially summer! Beat the heat with sales on drought tolerant perennials, or create some shade with great savings on shade trees. Check out our weekly sale for some fantastic deals.

  • Be Prepared: Top Tips for Maintaining your Hanging Baskets

    Be Prepared: Top Tips for Maintaining your Hanging Baskets

    Did you have a hard time last summer with your annual hanging baskets and containers due to the heat? Here are some of the do's and don'ts when it comes to caring for them.

  • Butterflies in Ontario

    Butterflies in Ontario

    Over the last few years the population of butterflies has been declining. Learn more on why this has happened and what we as gardeners can do to help.

  • Organic Vegetables for 2018

    Organic Vegetables for 2018

    New for 2018, alongside our expansive vegetable selection, we will have a selection of Certified Organic Vegetables. Here is a list of what we will [...]

Rice Road’s Garden Blog

1106, 2018

Attack of the Wilting Tomatoes

When good vegetables go bad! Are your tomatoes revolting against you by wilting, or even beginning to rot on the bottom of the fruits? Here is some of our advice on how to grow great tomatoes, and common issues we see.

1006, 2018

Pepper Maggots

Have you experienced premature ripening or decay of your peppers where they rot and drop to the ground?Or have you ever harvested a perfect looking pepper, but when you open it it is full of maggots? If either of these have happened to you, your peppers have pepper maggots. Learn how to control this yucky pest in your vegetable gardens.

206, 2018

Reclaim Your Yard From Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes ruining your backyard time? Find out some natural controls you can use to help keep populations down.

2705, 2018

Palm Paradise in Niagara

Our poolside palms have arrived. We have Niagara's best selection of large palms, come down and experience the tropics here at Rice Road. We can help you create your very own staycation in your backyard.

2505, 2018

Why won’t my Hydrangea bloom?

Learn why your hydrangeas won't bloom with this handy article. The reason may be easier than you think!

2005, 2018

Scarlet Lily Beetle

Did your lilies last season just turn to sticks? The culprit could be the Scarlet Lily Beetle. Unfortunately we already have some sightings in Niagara. Read about these pests and how to control them.