• Grow your Own Garlic

    Garlic, traditionally known to ward off vampires, can also ward off the doctor. Learn how to plant garlic, health benefits AND also a little bit about the 10 different varieties we carry.

  • Potatoes and Onions: How-To

    Potatoes and onions are easy to grow, and are often over-looked. Learn how you can grow your own.

  • Winter Feeding for Birds

    Winter Feeding for the Birds

    We can help you provide rich nutrient sources, and provide you with tips to give your birds their best chance for survival this winter. Please note we will be closed for the month of January, so stock up for your little friends.

  • winter is coming

    Fall Garden and Lawn Maintenance

    We're here to make fall cleanup a breeze with a simple guideline to help you get your garden and lawn winter-ready.

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